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Table of Contents

This page lists 46 Chapters through which you can obtain practical, step-by-step guidance in community-building skills. See also our related Toolkits, which offer short outlines for key tasks.


An overview of the Community Tool Box and frameworks for guiding, supporting and evaluating the work of community and system change.

Community Assessment

Information about how to assess community needs and resources, get issues on the public agenda, and choose relevant strategies.

Communications to Promote Interest and Participation

Communications that promote interest and encourage involvement.

Leadership and Management

Information about the core functions of leadership, management, and group facilitation.

Analyzing Community Problems and Designing and Adapting Community Interventions

Information about analyzing community problems to design, choose, and adapt interventions for different cultures and communities.

Cultural Competence and Spirituality in Community Building

Information on understanding culture and diversity, how to strengthen multicultural collaboration, and spirituality and community building

Organizing for Effective Advocacy

Information on advocacy principles, advocacy research, providing education, direct action campaigns, media advocacy, and responding to opposition.

Evaluating Community Programs and Initiatives

Information on developing a plan for evaluation, evaluation methods, and using evaluation to understand and improve the initiative.

Maintaining Quality and Rewarding Accomplishments

Information on achieving and maintaining quality performance, public reporting, providing incentives, and honoring colleagues and community champions.

Generating, Managing, and Sustaining Financial Resources

Information on writing grants, preparing an annual budget, and planning for financial sustainability.

Social Marketing and Sustainability of the Initiative

Information on conducting a social marketing effort (promoting awareness, interest, and behavior change), and planning for long-term sustainability.