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Community WorkStations

For more information, please contact Christina Holt at the KU Center for Community Health and Development by phone at (785) 864-0533, or by email at


A customized solution for online collaboration.

Built on Microsoft SharePoint, WorkStation websites are online collaboration spaces that enable you to engage with colleagues, share ideas, and reinvent the way you work. You can create collaboration sites and share and store documents from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Customizable features include:

  • Share and edit documents, access a shared calendar, manage deadlines and tasks, post links, hold discussions, and more.
  • As a site owner, you can control who can access your site and files.
  • Ready-made templates get you started quickly, with basic components, such as document library, discussion board, contacts, announcements, calendar, and newsfeed.
  • Specialized tools for community builders, including sharing success stories, online technical assistance, and links to capacity-building tools.

People are talking. Here's what they're saying:

"I have been coaching coalitions for the past 20-plus years and have never been able to develop, facilitate, and achieve consensus on coalition processes so quickly. The Community Tool Box WorkStation and its capabilities were instrumental in helping our coalition create, collaborate, and obtain consensus on and adopt our logo, vision, mission, and goals in the span of eight weeks"

- Curtis Hanock, Douglas County Health Youth Coordinator

"This is perfectly aligned to fit [our project's] needs. I didn’t realize this technology already existed!"

- Director of a multi-site national initiative

"I consider the WorkStation and [Community Check Box] invaluable one-stop shopping for user-friendly supports. We have one-click access to a shared repository of information. Our project team and our grantee communities are spread out across the state. Given this geographic dispersal, we need a central location for information and a tool that supports communication, accessing resources, and managing timelines, and the WorkStation made that possible."

- Consultant for substance abuse prevention efforts

"If we had had this all along, we would have been so much better organized. Thank you, thank your team."

- WorkStation user involved with a multi-site prevention effort


Community WorkStation users include:

  • Non-profit and non-governmental organizations
  • Foundations and their grantees
  • Statewide systems for improving population health and well-being
  • National initiatives and their regional partners
  • Global health initiatives

Support for WorkStation users includes access to User and Administrator Guides, access to online help materials, and webinar training. Additional support can include additional web design customization.

View our example Community WorkStation to discover the capabilities WorkStations provide. A comprehensive list of WorkStation clients is available at

Please contact or (785) 864-0533 to inquire about obtaining a WorkStation for your own initiative.