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Hello, I am a librarian trying to help students and instructors in a Public Health Program Planning course. Normally, students connect with community orgs for project-based learning. But these orgs are having a hard time making time for students because of reduced staffing, closed offices, etc. Any ideas on a substitute project? Thanks, just trying to get a feel for what might work these days.

Dear Michael
thank you for your interest in Community Tool Box, and many compliments for your work.
I may suggest, for your students, to draw up, in any case, a map of community organizations of the area, so to know their number, activities, priorities (if explicated), and so. Then they  may see the Community Tool Box, and particularly Chapter 1 and 2 (OVERVIEW, on the webpage and following)
, and then Chapters 17, 18 and 19 (ANALYZING COMMUNITY PROBLEMS AND DESIGNING AND ADAPTING COMMUNITY INTERVENTIONS, from the page Each chapter provides tools, checklists, and examples related to projects, which – I think – may be useful for your students and also for instructors).
Many wishes for your work!

Question Date: Lun, 03/23/2020