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13. Implementing Social Marketing

In the Fall of 1991, the Partnership for Children was created as a 10-year initiative with the mission of creating powerful new voices on behalf of children in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

The Kansas Health Foundation (KHF) children's health initiative was formed to create environments in which children can grow to be healthy, caring, contributing adults.

The aim of this campaign was to reach as large a segment of the total population of Puerto Rico as possible.

The fact that Finland had the highest incidence of mortality due to cardiovascular disease in the world was reason enough to start an initiative to help curtail the problem.

The MTV Staying Alive Foundation is a global grant-making organization whose mission is to “encourage, energize, and empower young people who are involved in HIV/AIDS awareness, education and prevention campaigns.”

As people continue to cross borders, the risk of Ebola spreading further remains high. Cultural, religious, and traditional beliefs, and refusal of some families to treat family members who are sick, have strained efforts to contain the outbreak.

The Colorado State Department of Transportation utilized the popularity of Snapchat to send the message of seat belt safety to high school students state-wide.

Public service announcements are known for being boring, so back in 2012, Melbourne Metro Trains decided to liven things up a bit with their visual marketing campaign, and came up with the perfect way.

This one, you know it just had to be on the list.

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