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Question: Do you have an APA citation for this source?

Hello, and thank you for your question. We recognize that many people might be accessing The Community Toolbox to enhance their scholarly work, and thus wanted to answer your question. The appropriate APA citation format is:
Community Tool Box.  [Insert title of section] (n.d.). Chapter [insert number] , Section [insert number] of the Community Tool Box ( Retrieved from [insert web address for section] on [insert date].   
For example, if someone wanted to cite our section on Conducting a Workshop, the citation would look like:
Community Tool Box.  Conducting a Workshop  (n.d.). Chapter 12, Section 4 of the Community Tool Box ( Retrieved from
 on_____[insert date here].  
Thank you for contacting us. We hope this information was helpful. Best wishes in your paper!

Question Date: mar, 11/06/2018