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Hi There, Is there a centralized place I can look to search for state or federally funded evidence-based health promotion programs? I work at a community health center - we offer services for mental health, substance use, and primary care. We'd like to offer more wellness/health promotion/disease prevention services. I'm aware of a few state/fed funded programs like CARE program for HIV/AIDS clients and First Steps Together for pre/postnatal support for mom's with addiction. I'd like to investigate other programs we might be able to apply for and offer at our center but I'm having a really hard time finding anything online. Any ideas of how to search or where to look?

HI Sarah,
Thanks for reaching out. I am sorry for my slower than usual response. I do not know if a comprehensive database exists. I have a few thoughts: The CDC funds various programs at state and federal levels. You may want to look there and see if any funding aligns with your services. I would also recommend checking with your local health department to see what local funding may exist. I think looking at the Community ToolBox's resources on Databases of Best Practices | Community Tool Box ( might be helpful as you are searching for funding. I hope this helps and appreciate the work you are doing.
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Ask and Advisor, 2021

Question Date: mar, 11/09/2021