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This is a follow up question. I was asking for the rationale for this question:
The juvenile facilities in a city are clearly substandard. As a first attempt
to aid in correcting the problem, the social worker should:
a. Mobilize interest groups to explore and recommend alternatives
c. Organize the parents of the juveniles to demand change

The answer is A and you responded by agreeing because "interest groups" would mean the juveniles. But I assure you, the interest groups who would work to change the system would not be a group of 14-18 year-olds who were in detention, due to some interaction with the law. It would be their parents. So ask the question again:
I thought the answer would be C, to organize the parents. Is the reason C is wrong because of the second part of the answer “to demand change.”? Is A better because it says to “explore and recommend alternatives.”? Or is it better to begin with existing interest groups than to organize parents (who might not be committed to their children's success).

I interpreted interest groups as concerned parents, prison reform advocates, general public interested in the success of young people.

Linda Mason

Dear Linda
sorry for the misunderstanding, but we didn’t know the context and what kind of people was involved in changing the facilities (young people are now in detention?) You say that they were parents. Ok.
So, I think that the rationale of the right answer (a) may be both the first part of the answer (interest groups) and also the second part – as you say – to explore and recommend alternatives. We may start with groups already interested and committed to, as not only parents (sometimes no committed), but also professionals, prison reform advocates or citizens. Personally, I think that also young people under criminal proceedings may be an interest group to be involved in exploring alternatives, but this is my opinion and perhaps another matter.
Hoping to have been more clear, and more useful
best wishes!

Question Date: Mié, 03/11/2020