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I am serving on the committee to create a Community Psychology track at my Clinical Psychology Graduate Program. I've been trying to find a set of guidelines to determine how a clinic is designated as a Community Psychology clinic. I haven't found anything like this yet, but I am wondering if you all may be able to provide any guidance on how we can determine which of our practicum sites would be considered community psychology settings? Thank you in advance for your help!

Dear Rachel,
Thanks for your question! I inquired with Dr. Bill Berkowitz, a core team member at the Community Tool Box, and prior administrator of the Community Psychology program at University of Massachusetts Lowell. 
He shared that the field of community psychology doesn't designate clinics as "Community Psychology clinics" so there are not guidelines on this particular question.cHowever, the Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA) the professional community psychology association, has a Council on Education. They can likely give guidance on selecting practicum sites. You might write to them at
Hope this is helpful and good luck! 
Kiley Bednar
University of Missouri-St. Louis
Community Innovation and Action Center 

Question Date: Jue, 04/23/2020