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Do you have examples of community initiatives that have been successful in building the social capital of individuals, organizations, and communities more broadly? Relatedly how are community initiatives measuring success against this complex concept?

Dear Mackenzie,
Thank you for your question! My apologies for the delay. 
I found this website to be comprehensive and informative. It outlines the various dimensions that can be measured when it comes to social capital and covers most of the ones that I've brainstormed here. They include:
*  social network analysis - Social network analysis can answer questions about how people and organizations are related, how they communicate, and how they work together.
*  Qualitative data could also provide you with deeper insights into the quality of the connections made and the strength of the new ties.
* More broadly, you could look at population level data that signifies social cohesion such as volunteer rates and voter registration and the number of disconnected youth (not in school/not working). 
I hope this helps you! 
All the best,

Question Date: Jue, 05/07/2020