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What are the essential elements of a report and proposal? The best way to presenting elements

Dear Kathy,
Thank you for your question! 
A resource that I have found very handy is the Grantsmanship Center. The provide training and technical assistance on grant writing, but many of their resources are also free. Here is a blog page that outlines some key elements of a high-quality proposal. I pulled out the key sections below: 
1. Summary: Provide a brief overview of the entire proposal. Be sure to include the funds you’re requesting through the grant, and the resources that others will contribute.
2. Introduction to the Applicant: Describe your organization and provide proof that it’s a strong and credible applicant. Think of this as a resume for the job. Funders need confidence that the organization can deliver what you promise.
3. Description of the Problem: Provide a factual, well documented description of the situation your organization will address. Tell the funder what concerns you, why it matters, and why it’s happening. This information lays the foundation for the outcomes you’ll propose and the activities you’ll implement. Be sure it’s clear and strong.
4. Outcomes: Lay out specific, measurable outcomes (i.e., results, positive changes) you expect your work to produce. If you expect children to improve their reading skills, describe the children and specify how many will improve, by what degree, over what period of time.
5. Program Plan: Provide thorough details about the activities your organization will complete to achieve the expected outcomes. Who will do what? When and how will they do it? Why do you think these activities will produce the change you expect?
6. Evaluation Plan: Describe how you’ll assess your work. How will you track whether activities are rolling out as planned? How will you examine whether the activities are producing the expected outcomes?
7. Sustained Impact: Tell the funder how your organization’s work will continue to produce impact beyond the period of grant funding. While this may mean a plan to keep the entire program in place, that’s not always the case. All program elements may not be essential for continuing impact; or perhaps other community groups will take over part of the work.
8. Budget: A thorough and realistic budget that shows the dollars requested through the grant, resources that will be provided by the applicant organization, and resources that other partners will contribute.
Best wishes as you pursue opportunities for your work! 
All my best,

Question Date: Mar, 05/12/2020