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I’m operating a summer virtual intern program in South Texas. A number of students will be faced with working remotely with an agency they have never visited. Information will be relatively limited based on web page material and contact with the agency’s director/staff. Is there a methodology of assessing an agency and its target population...and comparing it with other data that may be available? I'm interested in how to look at a service population and get national information about their condition and their potential eligibility for federal/state funding or the agency service being of interest to foundations and corporations.

I apologize for the scope of the question. Please respond with any related resources.


Dear Jack,
Thank you for your question! Yes, many organizations are needing to adapt and respond right now. It sounds like you are looking to support your interns and the organizations that they are placed in as your interns adapt to a virtual internship. 
There are a few resources that you may want to check out. 
First of all, Candid is going to be a helpful source. It compiles data about the 990s for non-profits in the US so it will be a valuable source of financial information. Candid is a combination of GuideStar and Foundation Center, which have been longstanding sources of information about non-profits in the U.S. Charity Navigator may also be helpful to you. Both of these websites can provide you with some comparison points to national data as you requested.
Finally, the United Way in the regions that you are serving may also have information, specifically through their 2-1-1 resources. For some communities, 2-1-1 can be a helpful source of local data. 
Wishing you the best in your research and in your goal to support your interns as they adapt to a virtual experience! 

Question Date: Mié, 05/13/2020