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Dear Advisor,

I'm with the Orange County Department of health . We would like to use your material and share the material with our community partners. We would have a link to your took kit on our website.

I can be reached anytime at 480 358 7417. I would like to reach out to an advisor and set up a call for us to understand how best to utilize your tool kit. I am responsible for CHIP at orange county , florida and any help/ideas in rallying all our community partners will be a big help as we move forward.

Thank you so much for your time.

Best Regards,
Chait Rendu

Dear Chait,
Thank you for your interest in the Community Tool Box! It can be a useful source of information and action for partners in public health. Yes, please feel free to link and share these resources in your community in Florida. Regarding your question on rallying partners, I would encourage you ​Community Mobilizers section of the Tool Box. It provides suggestions for ways to encourage your partners to engage in the work of the partnership through activating community mobilizers who can rally members of the community around the work. 
However, if your partnership is taking action on any of the Best Change Processes - practices that are linked to improved health and community outcomes - you will find that there are many ways to rally partners to the work, including engaging them in strategy and action planning, leadership development and sustainability efforts. 
Thank you for the work that you are doing to create safe and healthy communities and for your work to engage your partners. Best wishes to you as your mobilize! 
Kiley Bednar 

Question Date: Mié, 06/03/2020