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We are a Non profit organization and we need information and assistance requesting in kind Donations.

Dear Pastor Leonard,
Thank you for your question! In kind donations can be very helpful to community development work. 
The Community Toolbox has a section outlining ways to reach out and ask for in-kind support. That can be found here.  It also has a few tools that may help you process and track the items that you receive. They are here
Finally, if you like checklists, you can make sure that you have covered the necessary steps to prepare and then ask for in kind support. That checklist can be found here. 
Additionally, I came across one more resource that may assist you. It provides some information on legal requirements needed to accept in-kind donations. That resource is through MissionBox (different than the Toolbox! :-) and that can be found here. 
We are wishing you the best as you reach out to partners to support your community health and development work. 

Question Date: Mié, 06/24/2020