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Is there a forum where I can connect with community project developers? I'm reaching out because I'm working on a community tool that might be work within their (or your) community toolbox.

Cryptocurrencies are all the rage right now and I'm working on a tool so that communities can create their own cryptocurrency. The 'modern monetary theory' states that new money is best injected into the economy through government spending. Well, I'd like to test this theory with communal cryptocurrencies--inject communal money into the communities through community projects.

Dear Juan, 
Yes! The idea of creating and testing communal cryptocurrencies is extremely exciting!  
When I was earning my graduate degree in community psychology, I was fortunate enough to study with Jim Kelly and learn from him the “ecological analogy” or “ecological metaphor,” which includes the principle “Cycling of Resources” as a heuristic for understanding how energies are distributed, managed, and conserved within local communities.  This idea always captured my imagination and if you haven’t read about it yet, you can review where Ecological Metaphor: Cycling of Resources fits into other foundational theories of community psychology here:  As Kurt Lewin (1951) famously wrote,  “There’s nothing so practical as a good theory.”  You may find this especially true if you try to write a proposal for some (traditional) money to field test your ideas. 
Since I put on the “Cycling of Resources” lens in graduate school, I cannot observe a group without thinking about this concept. Recently, my daughter came home from school and told me about “tickets” they can earn in their classrooms (by enacting desired behaviors) to exchange for privileges and prizes — I'm sure many teachers create currency to foster desired classroom norms and vibrant learning environments! 
To answer your question:  I am not aware of a forum to connect you with others who are developing community projects.  You might try reaching out to the Society for Community Research and Action.  If you scroll to the bottom of this leadership page:, you will find email connections to the SCRA Administrative Staff.  Amber Kelly, Jadwiga Hescox, and Ashley Simons-Rudolph may be able to offer further guidance towards possible collaboration opportunities.  
Finally, as I sat down to write this reply, I had to open my email inbox to find your query.  There I found a link to this story in an e-newsletter:
I think you are on to something good, Juan, and I wish you successful next steps towards your goal. 
Thank you for sharing your ideas with us, 
Sharon M. Wasco, PhD
CTB Ask an Advisor, July 2021

Question Date: Lun, 07/12/2021