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Community Stories

Educating Women About HIV/ AIDS in Uganda

Because social and biological factors put women at higher risk of infection, of the 6.4% of adults infected with HIV/AIDS in Uganda, 57% are women. The Gweeri Women Against HIV/AIDS initiative was started by women who previously received training in HIV counseling, with the goal of increaseing women’s knowledge and empowering them through positive living and HIV/AIDS prevention skills.

Eye Testing Program for Tibetan Refugees

Lha Charitable Trust realized a local need for quality eye care, so they brought a doctor to perform preliminary testing at their office, and another doctor to perform more detailed testing for those individuals who failed the preliminary test, and an optometrist to prepare prescriptions for those who required glasses. In less than a month, they have helped 145 people get fitted for prescription glasses.

Harvesting Health

Harvesting Health created a partnership between the city of College Station, students, and local farmers, where the youths will volunteer their labor and time at local farms, and the city will gain a part of the farms' produce in exchange. The goal is to promote health among inner city youths with a history of obesity and/or diabetes by keeping them active in a rural, agricultural setting.

Rural Biodiesel Project

Help Self Help Center (HSHC) began producing and marketing biodiesel in November 2008, the first Kenyan organization to successfully produce bio-diesel from oil seeds on a commercial basis. The process strikes a balance between conservation and the necessity of development to reduce poverty in the community.

Bags for Displaced Children

The Bags4Kids Foundation collects donations to support the mental well-being and comfort of children during stressful transitions from police stations, children’s services offices, and Foster care agencies. They have filled and delivered over 8,000 backpacks and diaper bags for children who have no toothbrush, no toys, and no blankets, or any other items to treasure and call their own.

Practical Skills Training on Carpentry for Released Prisoners and Street Children

Post-independent Cameroon lacks adequate systems for providing security and social services to the underprivileged, such as ex-convicts and homeless children. The Foundation for Released Prisoners offers classes on vocational training skills, such as carpentry, to empower them with the lifetime ability for socioeconomic development.

Youth Challenge Grants

The Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles (VPCGLA) offered a series of “Youth Challenge” Grants designed to foster collaboration, communication, and long-term partnership in an effort to increase and maintain youth engagement and leadership. The projects empowered youth to express their opinions and identify solutions to the violence that they themselves encounter every day, culminating in the Youth Challenge Fair.

Advocating for Cleaner Air in Ramat Yohanan

Kesem (Hebrew for “magic”) invited experts to conduct a seminar for the community of Ramat Yohanan to train them to monitor air quality. The goal is to lower the air pollution from the industry in the Haifa Bay area by pressuring factory owners and the authorities with concrete scientific evidence of the contamination.

Domestic Violence Shelter and Outreach in Victorville

"A Better Way" Domestic Violence Shelter and Outreach operates a 26-bed shelter and serves over 1500 victims a year in the Victor Valley and surrounding areas, providing a multi-service program.  In addition to the shelter, educational classes are provided to the community free of charge.

Dance Group Educates on Malaria Prevention

Netos de Bandim worked with UNICEF to educate over 2000 families in 10 Bissau neighborhoods about malaria prevention and protection. The campaign focused on changing attitudes and behaviors about malaria through ethnic dances, street theater, music, poetry, and community dialogues, and enabled over 100 dance group members to learn about malaria and exercise leadership through teaching others.