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Community Stories

Empowering Girls Through Skills, Knowledge, and Leadership

Sindh Community Foundation started a dialogue with Tando Muhammad Khan community members about girls’ education and community needs. They developed a project to train the girls on basic and advanced computer skills, provide career counseling, awareness, and job skills training, establish a Girls Youth Resource Center, and build the girls' capacity on social activism and understanding of social issues ranging from confidence building, life skills, HIV/AIDS, RH problems, gender, human rights, social activism, and leadership.

Seabee Battalion Community Leadership Program for Youth

The mission of the Marvin Shields Seabee Battalion is to provide youth of Polk County, Florida, a drug-free environment where they can learn life leadership skills and at the same time help their community. Cadets with Marvin Shields Seabee Battalion work with local community leaders on projects such as feeding the hungry, packing care boxes for the troops, and helping with Habitat for Humanity.

New Life Education Project for Remand Home Children

Rainbow Gate Foundation Nigeria, a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Nigeria, was founded in 2009 to help youths and underserved individuals in Nigeria. One of Rainbow Gate Foundation’s projects is the New Life Education Program for Remand Home Children, which helps at-risk children. Project volunteers work with children known for anti-social behaviors to increase their knowledge about social life through a Guardian and Counseling initiative.

Summer Enrichment Program

The mission of Neighborhood-based Family Intervention Center is to provide intensive, community-based intervention/prevention strategies to hold youths to the conditions of their probation and increase the family's awareness of available resources in the community. They recently provided a summer camp aimed to bring youth together, reduce anti-social behavior in the community, and keep youth from committing any crimes or getting involved with gangs while out of school.

Ecological Sanitation Closes the Loop Between Health, Sanitation, and Food Security

The Association of Locally-Empowered Youth in Northern Mindanao aims to improve ecology and sanitation by implementing appropriate solutions to the lack of water and resources. Because water is scarce in the area, causing a lack of toilets, health problems such as diarrhea and worm infestation are common; the project implemented eco-sanitation, urine-diverting dehydration toilets to help improve conditions using the resources that are available.

SimplyHelp Cambodia

SimplyHelp is a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles dedicated to relieving poverty by providing emergency disaster relief, vocational training, and shelter and care. SimplyHelp established a branch in Cambodia, with two vocational training schools – computer training and tailoring – run by Cambodians. To date, SimplyHelp Cambodia has graduated over 4000 students, of which 85% find a job either working for a big company, in banking, for an NGO, or they open up their own shop, or go on to higher education.

Kwala Fund

Kwala, a rural community in Tanzania, ranks in the bottom 5% of community education in Tanzania. The NTC Kwala Committee was formed to work with the community with the dual aims of making significant progress toward the village’s educational goals, and developing the community’s ability to eventually do this without NTC’s help.

Motivating for Personal Hygiene and Community Sanitation Services

The WASH United Programme’s mission is to motivate and mobilize people in Sub-Saharan Africa and around the world to improve hygienic practices and improve community health. Since its inception in January 2010, over 100,000 people within Sub-Saharan Africa from both rural and peri-urban areas have been touched by WASH United’s work.

Rural Advancement Plan

Ndlovu Care Group offers support to the desperately poor and underserved communities of Elandsdoorn and Lilydale in South Africa. The Rural Advancement Plan attempts to provide a positive and sustainable future orientation, through social transformation and individual achievement.

Empowering Women and Girls Through Sports

Surwet hosted a series of sports activities involving women and men in the Rachuonyo South district community in Kenya, accompanied by workshop discussions to create awareness on the rights of women. The goal was to empower women and build community consensus on key gender issues such as reproductive health, property rights for women, HIV/AIDS, violence against women, and rights of women in the decision-making processes of the community.