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Community Stories

Supporting Seniors in Rural British Columbia

Aging With Ease in Rural Communities is a non-profit organization aimed at improving access to important primary health services for senior citizens in isolated areas of British Columbia. They help seniors maintain an active lifestyle within their community by reaching out to vulnerable seniors and those with disabilities, empowering them and including them.

Kwala Fund

Kwala, a rural community in Tanzania, ranks in the bottom 5% of community education in Tanzania. The NTC Kwala Committee was formed to work with the community with the dual aims of making significant progress toward the village’s educational goals, and developing the community’s ability to eventually do this without NTC’s help.

Solar Energy Initiative for Homeless Shelter

In 2010, Green Las Cruces installed the first two (of a planned twelve) solar panels on housing for the chronically homeless. Their efforts serve as a symbol, showing community support for green energy and helping to leverage city-wide implementation of renewable energy.

Motivating for Personal Hygiene and Community Sanitation Services

The WASH United Programme’s mission is to motivate and mobilize people in Sub-Saharan Africa and around the world to improve hygienic practices and improve community health. Since its inception in January 2010, over 100,000 people within Sub-Saharan Africa from both rural and peri-urban areas have been touched by WASH United’s work.

Farm Initiative for At-Risk Youth in California

In 2008, Conservation Corps North Bay launched the Indian Valley Organic Farm & Garden, a 5.8 acre teaching farm that provides unprecedented learning experiences, fosters environmental stewardship and provides solutions to California’s most pressing environmental problems.

Rural Advancement Plan

Ndlovu Care Group offers support to the desperately poor and underserved communities of Elandsdoorn and Lilydale in South Africa. The Rural Advancement Plan attempts to provide a positive and sustainable future orientation, through social transformation and individual achievement.

Empowering Women and Girls Through Sports

Surwet hosted a series of sports activities involving women and men in the Rachuonyo South district community in Kenya, accompanied by workshop discussions to create awareness on the rights of women. The goal was to empower women and build community consensus on key gender issues such as reproductive health, property rights for women, HIV/AIDS, violence against women, and rights of women in the decision-making processes of the community.

Increasing Access to Fresh Produce in Central Detroit

In the summer of 2008, the Peaches & Greens Produce truck began traveling the community with fresh produce, and by the fall, opened a market 5 days a week. The goal is to provide fresh foods in areas where it would otherwise be difficult to access.

Educating Women About HIV/ AIDS in Uganda

Because social and biological factors put women at higher risk of infection, of the 6.4% of adults infected with HIV/AIDS in Uganda, 57% are women. The Gweeri Women Against HIV/AIDS initiative was started by women who previously received training in HIV counseling, with the goal of increaseing women’s knowledge and empowering them through positive living and HIV/AIDS prevention skills.

Eye Testing Program for Tibetan Refugees

Lha Charitable Trust realized a local need for quality eye care, so they brought a doctor to perform preliminary testing at their office, and another doctor to perform more detailed testing for those individuals who failed the preliminary test, and an optometrist to prepare prescriptions for those who required glasses. In less than a month, they have helped 145 people get fitted for prescription glasses.