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Capacity Building Training

People taking action need skills in core areas including assessment, planning, advocacy, evaluation, and sustainability. We have decades of experience teaching and stimulating use of basic community competencies; online, and through in-person workshops, webinars, and classes. 

Customized Community WorkStations

We develop tailored online WorkStation websites for local, national, and global initiatives. WorkStations solve needs for online collaboration and enable users to easily share materials, make announcements, access tools, learn from others’ success stories, access guidance from peer discussions and solve needs for online collaboration. Customized WorkStations help communities work together to address the challenges they face.

Community Check Box Evaluation System

Our team has been evaluating community health initiatives for more than 20 years. Based on this experience, we have developed a Community Check Box Evaluation System to support documentation and evaluation of initiatives (local, state, national, and global). In collaboration with communities, foundations, and governmental agencies, we have developed hundreds of customized online systems for a variety of initiatives working to bring about change and improvement.

The Community Check Box Evaluation System includes supports for documenting your data, creating online graphs and reports, engaging in reflection and sensemaking around your data, and linking to online supports for improvement. The system is highly customizable for each client, depending on clients’ particular evaluation questions and what they need to know.

These resources help form a unique and powerful infrastructure for supporting and evaluating community initiatives.

Community Tool Box Training Curriculum

Based upon demand for training, we have developed a training curriculum on the sixteen core competencies for promoting community health and development. You can purchase these training materials for use in your own trainings or you can contract with our experienced staff to conduct trainings for you in person or via webinar. We can also employ a “train the trainer” approach.

Each of these 16 field-tested training modules consists of well-developed participant guides with complete with interactive activities and adaptable facilitator guides and PowerPoint. Just-in-time support materials remain freely available to participants after trainings via the Community Tool Box Toolkits.