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Online TRAIN Courses for Community Health Improvement

The Community Tool Box offers free online courses to support community health assessment and community health improvement work. These courses are intended for:

  • Staff from state and local health departments (including those seeking accreditation)
  • Hospital staff (considering new federal requirements for non-profit hospitals) and those in community benefit programs
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Community leaders and members

These courses were developed in partnership with the KDHE State Office of Rural Health, and are freely accessible online via (Please register for a free account to get started.)

Available modules include:

Module 1: Assuring Engagement in Community Health Improvement Efforts

  • Assuring Ongoing Involvement of Community Members
  • Assuring Shared Ownership among Stakeholders

Module 2: Identifying Community Health Needs and Assets

  • Assessing Community Needs
  • Identifying Community Assets and Resources

Module 3: Conducting Community Health Assessments

  • Defining the Community and Geographic Area for the Assessment
  • Some Different Methods for Conducting Assessments

Module 4: Setting Community Priorities Based on Identified Issues

  • Using Explicit Criteria and Processes to Set Priorities
  • Analyzing Community Problems and Goals

Module 5: Developing a Logic Model for Community Health Improvement

  • Developing a Framework or Model of Change

Module 6: Developing a Strategic Plan for Community Health Improvement

  • Developing Strategic and Action Plans

Module 7: Developing an Intervention

  • Developing a Preliminary Community Intervention
  • Reviewing and Selecting “Best Practices”
  • Adapting Interventions for the Local Context

Module 8: Assuring Collaboration During Implementation

  • Assuring Collaboration Across Sectors and Shared Investment in Implementation

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