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I want to create a digital community that empowers the weaker sections of the society by educating them on technology, educational upliftment and emerging opportunities thus reducing cybersecurity borne risks, unemployment and mental health. It also intends to create a sense of opportunity with the digital trends and emerging opportunities

       We surely admire and applaud your ambitious goals, which if achieved could do no less than transform civilization. Realistically, though, it seems like it would take several lifetimes to accomplishment what you want to do. But you may have only one. 
       We encourage you to pursue your goals and your dreams, but also offer these recommendations for you to consider;
      *  Narrow your focus to something that you think you can actually accomplish with the resources (people, money, time) you have on hand.
      *  It’s okay to start small, simply because you are more likely to actually get something done, and which you can feel good about. That small success will help keep you going.  And it will draw more people to your work – if they see the actual success, they are more likely to want to be part of it and join you. 
      *  So set clear and realistic goals, together with clear, realistic, specific, and measurable objectives. Thoughtful and careful advance planning will surely help you here.
      *  See if you can find other people to work together with you, as part of a core planning group.  Working with a group can help you divide the tasks, which can be considerable, and will expose you to other people’s good ideas as well.  And your planning colleagues can support you, both practically and emotionally. It’s generally also simply more enjoyable to work together.
     *   In particular, though, keep an eye open for wealthy people who might support your ideas, as they could potentially provide financial backing for them.
     *   Finally, keep in mind that the changes you want will not happen overnight, so you need to be prepared to keep at the work for some time.
   In addition, as you proceed, you may profit from consulting some of the many resources in the Community Tool Box, in particular those chapters and sections on planning and on starting an intervention. (See the Tool Box Table of Contents for details.)
   We hope these starting thoughts may be helpful to you.  Thank you for writing to us, and all best wishes for success as your work continues.

Question Date: پ., 08/11/2022