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Hello, I am looking at using your toolbox in my college course. I was curious when the last time the toolbox was updated? Thanks, Suzanne

            Thank you for writing to us with your question.  Most of the Community Tool Box was written in the late 1990s and early 2000s. We have not engaged in a comprehensive overhaul since then, partly because we have been engaged in other Tool Box projects, and partly because we believe that the general principles of community building and community development hold up well over time.
            On the other hand, we do make updates on a case-by-case basis when we find that a point made in one of our sections is either wrong, misleading, or has been superseded by newer information, as with, for example, social media. Soon we may well need to be writing a module on community applications of artificial intelligence.
            Many instructors like yourself, and myself included, have used parts of the Community Tool Box for college courses. There are also two other options you could consider. One is a Training Curriculum, available in 16 separate modules,  which you can learn more about at https://ctb.ku.edu/en/training-curriculumBut also, just this year we have released a new online training program called   Building Healthy Communities, explicitly designed for college classes, perhaps like your own.  We invite you to take a look at https://training.ctb.ku.edu/wp-content/uploads/CTB-Online-Training.pdf and to see if it might work for you.
            Thanks again for being in touch, and all best wishes for great success in your essential work.

Question Date: پ., 05/18/2023