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Question: how can i get old story books for my community library?

Dear George
thank you for your interest in our suggestions!
About your question (which is not right on community psychology, but rather on community help…!), I think that perhaps there are a lot of people who want to give old books to a community library… you can publish some announcements in public places (cafés, schools, or similar) or on social networks (if you think that people are linked with). Besides, you may ask publishers: sometimes they have unsold copies of books which may be useful for you.
How to organize such an action? in Community Tool Box suggestions for social marketing are provided, in Chapter 45. Social Marketing of Successful Components of the Initiative, on the webpage
and Toolkit 13 Implementing Social Marketing,
It is even possible that this would be the first step for good community engagement for future programs!
Best wishes

Question Date: mer, 02/26/2020