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Your website is wonderful ( I have accidentally but fortunately stumbled on)

I work with a century-old global organization, Zonta International (Zonta.org) We aim to build a better world for women and girls.

I am currently looking to expand in Chile and wonder if you have any advisors in that country?

Thank you!

            Thank you for your question, Theresa. We have some familiarity with Zonta International, and applaud your efforts. We don’t have advisors physically present  in Chile at the moment (we wish we did), but we will keep our eyes and ears open for contacts that might be useful to you.
        In the meantime, it is always possible for you or colleagues to take advantage of Tool Box materials, most of which are available in Spanish (see the upper right corner of our home page), or to continue to write to us as needed.  
          All best wishes for continued success as your work proceeds.

Question Date: پ., 05/25/2023