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Question Core Competency التاريخ
1. How do you think varying places could become more accessible to the disabled? (ie: Playgrounds, restaurants, schools, etc.)
2. Describe the emotional impact for the physically disabled when they cannot access these surroundings.
3. In what ways can we foster a more inclusive and accessible environment for people with physical disabilities?
4. What initiatives can be implemented to enhance accessibility in public transportation for people with physical disabilities?
جمعة, 05/10/2024
Places To Start جمعة, 04/05/2024
Hi in my village we have some paper roads that were supposed to be de mapped a few years ago but they never finalized it. so now people that own lots there are trying to build homes there but the community is against it because we have a lot of beautiful mature trees even eagles nest there. people come to me because i am in the Conservation Advisory Board and the Tree Commission and the question has come up is there any organization or resources that either they as a community or the village can apply for help. Please advice thank you very much
اثنين, 03/25/2024
I'm a new CEO of a non-profit organization. I would like to learn more about grant writing.
سبت, 03/02/2024
I have recently started a support group for parents of children with disabilities who receive respite and ABA services from a single agency. Thus far I have emailed and text-messaged 50+ families to request them to fill out a needs assessment survey (which prompted the development of the support group) and to advertise the support group purpose and meeting times. The support group allows for flexibility as it is offered 2x a week with the options of attending virtually or in-person. So far, 4 people have been able to attend. I have been emailing/texting reminders to parents, but I don't want to be too annoying by continually sending them information. Do you have recommendations for increasing participation?
اثنين, 02/26/2024
Do we have any resources for trainings or evidence based models that supervised visitation centers utilize at their centers? I am working on comparing our model to theirs and trainings to advance and improve our services.
أربعاء, 02/21/2024
Good afternoon!
I work with SNAP-Ed in Florida and was looking for an activity to facilitate with the team. I managed to think strategically about how we can support our communities. I was thinking about an activity that has them draw their own community and what it would look like if it was equitable and served the community's needs. Do you have an activity like this or something similar?
جمعة, 02/09/2024
We are running a Rehab in Pretoria south africa what we want to do is involved community leaders and organasations to help us to get our foot in the door of mines to send either there people for rehab or sponsor a certain lot of people from that specific community where he or she is from.
خميس, 02/01/2024
When doing the cultural competency course, is there a certificate at the end?
اثنين, 01/22/2024
I am working on a documentary that explores connections among individuals who may not have crossed paths otherwise, providing the viewers with the opportunity to experience what it’s like to engage with one another in a shared, safe space. Exposing people to what it feels like to be in an environment that encourages us to work together towards one common goal, often found in; sports, politics, unions, military, medicine, and Hollywood. This type of experience is usually only achieved by participating in or, in this case, letting people experience what that feels like through the stories of others - taking an inside look at the conversations and feelings surrounding these environments and what we can learn from them.

I have a letter of support from a local PBS station but my goal is to tour cities, villages and communities to show the final piece but to also provide them with a leave behind tool kit to continue that conversation after we leave as well as have my website a social media channels provide that same resource. I would love any insight that can be provided on community approach so I can be the most effective in my efforts to create positive change. Another area that I would love some help with is any insight a grant funding for this type of film project.

More info can be found on my website: https://changingtomorrow4us.org/
أربعاء, 10/18/2023
How can Worcester, MA --a city with over a billion dollars of development money set aside to revitalize the central core and not a single innovative architect retained to design great buildings and public space. How do cities attract innovative architects like Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Renzo Piano, Santiago Calatrava, Tom Wright, I.M.Pei to design striking buildings and transform public space? What carrots are dangled in front of the horses' mouth?
ثلاثاء, 10/10/2023
Our nonprofit is named The Wright Place for Us. We are building an ADA cabin and campground for people with disabilities with a heavy emphasis on children. The camp will double as a place where youth who have limited opportunities to have fun learn how to make good eye contact, peaceful conflict resolution, focus, etc. However, very few grants support people with disabilities. Our being a start-up, that needs capital also makes it difficult. Any thoughts? Thank you for your time.
أحد, 10/08/2023
I am Nabaraj Khanal, currently serving as the leader of Community Innovation Organization (CIO), a non-profit entity founded on February 1, 2023. Following the completion of my college degree, my colleagues from diverse academic backgrounds and I established CIO. Our focus areas include community development, environmental initiatives, food and nutrition, as well as maternal and child health. Over the past month, we have actively engaged in various community activities, school programs, and conducted several research projects. Additionally, we proudly operate a community living center (homestay in the village of Panauti) where we offer free food and accommodation for those interested in contributing to our initiatives in Nepal.

While our team is passionate about our work, we are currently facing challenges due to a lack of experience and guidance. We seek assistance in organizing our resources, establishing connections for our living center and organization with potential partners, and designing sustainable education projects in public schools. Your expertise and support in these areas would greatly contribute to the success and impact of our organization.

Thank you for considering our request, and we look forward to your advice. Also, we want you to welcome here at Nepal.

Best regards,
Nabaraj Khanal
سبت, 10/07/2023
I would like to speak to someone who works with non-profits for fundraising and donations.
أحد, 10/01/2023
I'm working on a research project thru the Black Researchers Collective in Chicago. I've been assigned the Chicago-based neighborhood of South Chicago and need an Assest Map for it.
Does one exisist already? How does one find existing asset maps for various neighborhoods in America? I'd assume that they exist already as they are important, necessary and take time to complete. So do you know where I can find an Asset Map of the South Chicago neighborhood in Chicago,Illinois?
Assessing Community Needs and Resources أربعاء, 09/13/2023
my Name is Hanna and I'm currently writing my master thesis about facade greening at schools. The main part will be a constellation analysis to identify actors, their interdependencies and aspects/ obstacles which curretly interfere a wider implementation. After conducting expertinterviews with all actors I would like to diskuss the finalizes draft of the constellation analysis with the actors and at the same time create a closer understanding for one another and their perspective. There will be an action day from another project where all actors will be invited, but i only have a small timeframe to discuss my draft. So im struggeling with the choice of the right participation format/ discussion method. I was already considering a fishbowl, but it might be not the best choise as there are different dominances of actors like for example employees and their superiors, Due to the time shortage i also thought about a whiteboard to present the draft and collect feedback via an online tool, but in this case the discussion between the actors and the exchange will be lost. I would be very greatful for any kind of advise! Best regards, hanna
Improving Organizational Management and Development أربعاء, 08/09/2023
how to solve shortage of water in the community
  • Analyzing Problems and Goals
  • Developing Strategic and Action Plans
  • Advocating for Change
  • Influencing Policy Development
خميس, 07/20/2023
Is your toolkit for module 7, Developing an Intervention, the same as the project management cycle? For example, if I want to help increase transportation access for low-income immigrants in my community so they can get to the clinic, should I start with module 7?
  • Analyzing Problems and Goals
  • Developing Strategic and Action Plans
  • Increasing Participation and Membership
  • Advocating for Change
سبت, 07/15/2023
My name is Maddie Krause and I am reaching out regarding a research project I am doing for my Nursing Master's program. I am looking into e-cigarette usage within the pediatric population (ages 18 and below) within the St. Louis area. I was wondering if I could be put in touch with someone to conduct an email interview with some questions around this topic. Thank you in advance for your help!
خميس, 06/29/2023
My name is Laura and I am currently the coordinator for a sexual assault nurse examiner program. Although the program has been around for numerous years in the community, the number of victims we have attending the hospital for evaluation is very minimal comparatively to the number of sexually violent crimes that occurring in the community.
I am currently struggling to have nurses interested in the program due to the on call portion, and I also struggle to maintain the nurses I have trained because they are not seeing cases often enough to feel confident in this area of practice. Sadly, this has led to victims not receiving the care they deserve because of the lack of on call coverage.
I also feel there is a disconnect between the hospital SANE program and receiving support in the community. I feel that I need to give all resources and counselling in that first initial appointment, because the likelihood of being able to follow up with the victim is minimal. I worry that there is community based services that could be offered, but the patient would have to make the effort to reach out themselves, and they may not be in the place to do so after a traumatic event. And most likely, they will not remember much of the education because these individuals are still in shock from the event that occurred to them.
Lastly, sometimes there is a duplication of services. So for example, if an individual was assaulted and seen by a sane nurse, but also disclosed that they have no where to live that is safe- the sane nurse may try to tackle this instead of social work in the hospital, which is part of their service.
As a fairly new nurse and new to a coordinator role- I want to build a program that is most effective for the community, while not breaching on others job roles, and hoping address some of the services that are missing completely in the community.
Where do I start? How do I become a better leader?
  • Developing Strategic and Action Plans
  • Influencing Policy Development
  • Improving Organizational Management and Development
ثلاثاء, 06/27/2023
What kind of community work one can do? Increasing Participation and Membership سبت, 06/24/2023
Your website is wonderful ( I have accidentally but fortunately stumbled on)

I work with a century-old global organization, Zonta International (Zonta.org) We aim to build a better world for women and girls.

I am currently looking to expand in Chile and wonder if you have any advisors in that country?

Thank you!
Enhancing Cultural Competence خميس, 05/25/2023

I hope you can enlighten me about the neighborhood beautification project process like to start it. My boss is planning to give back to the community by offering free house exterior painting. He will be fully funding the first project and if everything goes well we will look for a non-profit org to help us out for the future project. I would like to know where to start, what papers/ permits we need, basically the process on how to do it. I hope someone can answer and I would highly appreciate it.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!
Increasing Participation and Membership خميس, 05/25/2023
Hello, I am looking at using your toolbox in my college course. I was curious when the last time the toolbox was updated? Thanks, Suzanne
خميس, 05/18/2023
My research topic is the assessment of practice of social marketing campaign strategy in Ethiopian national blood bank service. What is your advice for me especially the theoretical and conceptual models. And also,the research questions and approaches.
Thanks in advance,
Implementing a Social Marketing Effort سبت, 05/13/2023
where to find sources in the communities to assist with different needs and maintenance
Assessing Community Needs and Resources ثلاثاء, 05/09/2023
The Y has been a part of many grass roots coalitions and served as a fiscal agent in cases. Recently we've been asked by two orgs about how we can oversee a local coalition. I'd like to find tools, legal info about what this might look like. We have attorneys who are great at dissecting agreements but I want more general knowledge. Thanks so much, Kim
Creating and Maintaining Coalitions and Partnerships خميس, 05/04/2023
I live in a community-driven neighborhood in San Diego and wanted to contribute to the community building efforts. I was thinking of building a collective problem tree (and subsequently solution tree) to tackle community needs and identify assets and resources by interviewing individuals of this community. I would be posting this community needs assessment online, to raise awareness and try to promote meaningful actionable path to tackle those needs. I want to bring light to needs identified by community members, promote community ownership and mobilization of resources to eventually act upon those needs. I am still working on the questionnaire, do you have any advice by any chance? Thank you
  • Assessing Community Needs and Resources
  • Developing Strategic and Action Plans
  • Increasing Participation and Membership
جمعة, 04/21/2023
I am a foster parent of 2 and I would like to open up a Group home "Safe Haven for the children here in MEMPHIS,TN.
I'm looking for advice/support on where to start? Im looking for help with funding as well with licenses/permits
etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Increasing Participation and Membership أحد, 04/16/2023
I am trying to develop an Integrated Prevention Program in a military setting, frames after the public health model of tier 1 prevention. We are trying to assess the current state and build as needed our prevention system - the people, the relationships and infrastructure (specifically data, current policies, current prevention efforts, etc.) I am looking for a structured or semi structured interview tool or assessment tool that our working group can use to capture the information needed to understand our current system and the gaps. We are not even close to a needs assessment. This is literally building our framework system to then build our processes.
  • Assessing Community Needs and Resources
  • Developing a Framework or Model of Change
  • Developing Strategic and Action Plans
  • Increasing Participation and Membership
  • Influencing Policy Development
  • Sustaining the Work or Initiative
أربعاء, 04/12/2023
We have formed a group and picked a name and are meeting with the officials advocating for capacity building at our local animal shelter. Do we need to form a legal entity like a non-profit or can we can continue as a group of people just doing stuff?
  • Improving Organizational Management and Development
  • Sustaining the Work or Initiative
اثنين, 04/10/2023
Hi Community Toolbox! We are planning a piece of action research in relation to sexual gender based violence in Bangladesh and want to include different community representatives on a steering/monitoring/oversight committee and wondered if you have any suggestions on recruiting people to such a committee since the number of potential stakeholders will be quite large?
Thank you.
Increasing Participation and Membership ثلاثاء, 04/04/2023
Hi crew! I'm a civics coordinator with an environmental nonprofit and we have been working with the office of the Senator that introduced a PFAS regulation bill. We are trying to whip up support through letters of testimony, and I'm hoping to reach out to community members that are affected by PFAS to ask for their supportive testimony. The problem that I am running into is that we want testimony to not sound like it is all coming from the same source. I was thinking about including talking points, but if those are recycled in each testimony, we can risk the quality of testimony, but I also want to make written testimony as easy and enticing as possible. One of my questions is do you all have any resources that I can share with our community on how to best give written testimony, and do you have any best practices as well? Additionally, do you know of any way that we can use AI as a method to create unique testimony - I have been using chat GPT and it works pretty well! Thank you so much y'all.
  • Advocating for Change
  • Implementing a Social Marketing Effort
ثلاثاء, 04/04/2023