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Hi I head Community at a coworking space in India named 91springboard. We're focused on building workplace communities that make work more meaningful and easier for our members. One of the key touchpoints in their journey with us is how they're brought onboard and the interventions we create to help them settle in and become familiar with the existing members during their first few weeks. I'm seeking to speak to someone who's designed such interventions or communities (both brand communities & interest-based communities).

Analyzing Problems and Goals Thu, 07/11/2019
Hi there, I am teaching a class of Masters of Public Health Students about community engagement and collaboration. I've put together a lecture and used some of the content from this site and another good resource (for my context), the Ontario Health Communities Coalition . I'm missing an interaction piece however, and am looking for a case study or scenario for students to work through. I'm wondering if you could point me to ones that have already been created with a CC licence that I could use. Thanks for your help.
  • Assessing Community Needs and Resources
  • Enhancing Cultural Competence
  • Advocating for Change
  • Improving Organizational Management and Development
Tue, 07/09/2019
Can I get money for my small business of child care? Improving Organizational Management and Development Wed, 06/19/2019
Can you help me to get information of a Organization that is affiliated with me? Mon, 06/17/2019
Years ago when I was doing community work, we were told that for every one letter that a politician received that it represented another 20,000 - 30,000 others who held the same views but just didn't bother to contact them. Is there a current number for this ratio?
Influencing Policy Development Mon, 06/17/2019
What communication protocols need to be followed when contacting the media to promote a new program or service?
Implementing a Social Marketing Effort Sun, 06/16/2019
how do i increase admissions to my school in a locality that is packed with competition and others have more Unique selling points than my school
  • Analyzing Problems and Goals
  • Implementing a Social Marketing Effort
Tue, 06/11/2019
need swot analysis of alkem laboratories from where we can get the data Assessing Community Needs and Resources Mon, 06/10/2019
Hello, I am starting an evaluation on the issue of patients who no longer have acute care needs but have no placement or insurance (undocumented/ immigrant individuals). Do you have a recommendation on what practice model, framework, took on how to start accessing this community need? Thank you!
  • Assessing Community Needs and Resources
  • Evaluating the Initiative
Wed, 06/05/2019
It's almost me again and again ... hahaha ...
Is there any specific tool to monitor the state budget, specifically budget that allocated to women? Currently, I am assigned to prepare and write a toolkit for advocacy and monitoring, especially on state budget allocated to women and people with deficiency. Kindly asking your support and assistance on this subject matter. Thank you.

Lito Gama
  • Assessing Community Needs and Resources
  • Evaluating the Initiative
Fri, 05/31/2019
I'm looking for advice on how to organize a community program at my condo - to help inform and bring about change. The community is 70% retired and the current board has been in power for a full decade. Problems getting common areas maintained and concerns over financial decisions have prompted this. I found your organization searching for support/information on organizing . Any advice would be appreciated. I am good at the tech side of things, and analysis but not so much organizing people. (703) 722-7645. No cooperation from the Board so I can't even get a meeting set up in the community - they won't post notices etc. So I'm considering going online and throwing up a quick website, getting a phone number so I can record notices, then mass mailing the community and inviting them to go online where we can hold zoom meetings and discuss things via phone/video (many residents don't have internet but they will have phones). Trying to find least common denominator - and need to energize younger new residents so we can get folks to run for upcoming elections - we have 4 seats up for election out of 5. Would love to see the Board turn over and get some folks who will institute much needed change.
  • Creating and Maintaining Coalitions and Partnerships
  • Increasing Participation and Membership
  • Advocating for Change
Thu, 05/30/2019
Our President oF our BOD has not followed any of the rules. He has two Charges filed against him for Bulling and Harassment. He Flat Out saids “Your either my Friend Or my Enemy’ Three Families have sold their homes because of his Harassing them. Rides by people’s homes early on morning raving up his engine and Flying to the Stop sign which he doesn’t stop at. We just found out that our Management Company was Fired and was and has not been announced by our BOD YET, new management starts June 1st, We the Community are JUST MOW FINDING OUT. I was the administrator of Anchors Bend Community Site for the home owners moving here, this is a brand new community, Our Vice President quit In March , we just got this BOD January 1, because of the illegal things the President was doing and wanted know part of it. Then May 2, 2019, President oF our Management Company Gold Crown Told Paul our President oF BOD THAT HE WAS AND IS A BULLY, Calling everyday talking and yelling and cursing at his staff. Paul left and came back with Hal Blakely we Assume he is our VP now now but this Community is being told Nothing!!! Demanding President OF Gold Crown Management for an apology, He said No I know this first had per conference call. He said no your not going to keep talking to my staff like a piece of crap and bullying them. So our BOD PRESIDENT SAID
“YOUR FIRED”, WITH KNOW NOTICE TO THE COMMUNITY SINCE THAT HAPPENED MAY2, He rides he car around and sticks his middle finger up at homeowners here, Takes his hand and acts as though it’s a Gun and will point it at people and goes BANG, THIS HAS TOTALLY GOTTEN OUT OF HAND, He hires contractors we don’t know what it’s costing us, the BOD President rides around taking pictures and so does the Treasure oF OUR BOD, or walks right up in peoples yards and saids I hope you got approved for that tree planted. Isn’t that the HOA JOB NOT BOD, The President has Threatened 3 people already that he would kill them and cut them up in LoL pieces and throw their body parts in the ponds. Please Please Help is get an Investigation here at Anchors Bend 100 Oak Leaf Dr
Longs, South Carolina. 29568
We are in Dire Straits for Help for our New community
My name is Sabrina Evans my address is not on GPS yet but it’s 417 Quinta St Longs, SC 29568
  • Analyzing Problems and Goals
  • Advocating for Change
Thu, 05/30/2019
Dear advisors team
My name is Dr Fakri and I am from a city in Libya named Zwarah, I am planning to improve healthcare system in my city and I wish if I can get some collaboration from your side in terms of assessment planning, assessing needs or how I can create a project for this task
Thank you very much
Assessing Community Needs and Resources Tue, 05/28/2019
Wondering if your resources are applicable to public service apart from or indirectly related to health? We are looking to create a program to help small businesses in our community get through the property permitting and development process. We are also interested in creating an effective program to help people who live in homes that are unsafe (due to ill repair) get the support they need to bring their homes up to livable safety standards. If your resources are not a good fit, can you make any recommendations?
  • Analyzing Problems and Goals
  • Developing a Framework or Model of Change
  • Developing Strategic and Action Plans
  • Influencing Policy Development
Tue, 05/28/2019
Goof afternoon, how would you reference community toolbox in an assignment in APA 6 format.
Increasing Participation and Membership Sun, 05/26/2019
This is me again, Hipolito Gama.

May I have your permission to translate some important/relevant sources for my community?
Assessing Community Needs and Resources Sat, 05/25/2019
Hi, This is me again and again ... :)

I have no question at this time, yet have a request to ask for to assist me by providing an outline to prepare a toolkit for monitoring as well as advocacy as soon as possible. Thanks.

Sincerely Yours,

Lito Gama
  • Advocating for Change
  • Evaluating the Initiative
  • Sustaining the Work or Initiative
Sat, 05/25/2019
Is it possible or accepted if I use some of the toolkits to implement in my community as it is very useful for me and my community?
Assessing Community Needs and Resources Thu, 05/23/2019
I am a ihss provider for a gentleman in a senior living apartment complex. My client is in a mobility charity as are others in the complex. The complex has provided shopping carts for the seniors to help with bring groceries back to their apts. The complex is three stories and has two elevators and done of the newer seniors to the complex are leaving these carts in very tight and confined areas including the elevators. And mostvecery one here has dogs. So a mobility chair and a full size shopping cart and two chihuahua is a recipe for disaster. In which one senior already got his dog caught in the elevator, still leashed and the elevator went up a floor. Luckily the dog was on a retractable leash and things were ok. .but with the shopping carts now in the way its gonna happen again. How do impose the management to make it clear that the carts need to be put away and should I put signs up on my own as the apartment complex is currently in escrow and the management could be sidetracked.
  • Creating and Maintaining Coalitions and Partnerships
  • Analyzing Problems and Goals
  • Building Leadership
  • Increasing Participation and Membership
Sat, 05/11/2019
I am a librarian at the Johnson County Library (Kansas) and we would love to start offering an advocacy letter writing class on a trimester basis. Does this organization ever provide speakers or teachers?
  • Advocating for Change
  • Influencing Policy Development
Fri, 05/10/2019
Good morning
I am looking for a screening tool that could be utilized to assess the level of functioning for adults to help guide the way in which a case manager individualizes their approach with a parent in order to help make them successful in completing tasks. thanks
Fri, 04/26/2019
Live in a rural area. Am an experienced LVN. Wanting to create my own type of support group for patients but do not know where to start or if I would need some sort of patent?
Thu, 04/25/2019
I am a human rights activist working in Pakistan. I want to train teenager sportsman on the subject of leadership, peace and conflict resolution. I need advice about the teaching or training technique for engaging this group?
Tue, 04/23/2019
Please how do I cite any information used from this website? Tue, 04/23/2019
How do I cite in APA your Community tool box this was about focus groups Fri, 04/19/2019
I was wondering if you have a closed space to hold a group? I put together a closed therapy group for members of our community focusing on self service employees. It is a self supported group to benefit individuals that help out our community. I am wondering if you have a space available to use fridays at noon? I can try churches but I feel we need a spot with more of a community feel to it. Please let me know any information that would be helpful.
Tue, 04/16/2019
Hello, we are attempting to locate small to medium size commercial donated space for community projects in the inner & outer surrounding counties of Atlanta, Georgia & Vehicle Donations as well Please and Thank you in advance for your Help,Time and expertise.
Thu, 04/11/2019
I want to do right and in the best interest of the community but I don’t know what to do in relation to copyright, some communication is riddled with rhetoric and dark humour and unable to determine if my decision is serious
Tue, 04/09/2019
Greeting! I am in the process of starting a church for my community, therefore I need help in writing a Mission Statement. I would love to have your help in putting it all together.
Tue, 04/09/2019
Hello sir, their is a wasteland in front of my house. Whom should I reach to construct a park their. A public park
Sat, 04/06/2019
Good Afternoon,

I was recently awarded tax exempt status for my organization, even though I have been incorporated and actively serving the community for about four years. Now that my organization is an "official" non-profit, I would like suggestions on next steps. My goals are to A. Create solid best practices and systems for general operating and administration tasks (book keeping/accounting, record keeping); B. Fundraising/Funding; C. Board Governance; D. Increase awareness about my organization, our initiatives, and the individuals that we support.

For the past four years, I have been running the organization on my own with funding from family, friends, and myself. Now, I want to transition into a legitimate non-profit organization that has the capability to support not only domestic but international causes.

Any support or direction that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Thu, 04/04/2019
How do I cite toolbox for academic purposes (APA).
Thank you!
Fri, 03/29/2019