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Dr. Susan M. Wolfe

Susan Wolfe received her M.A. in Ecological Psychology from Michigan State University, and her Ph.D. in Human Development and Communication Sciences from the University of Texas at Dallas. She is currently a Senior Consultant at CNM Connect, a nonprofit that provides capacity building services to nonprofit organizations in North Texas.

Dr. Wolfe's experience spans a variety of organizations and content areas. She has held research and program positions and has provided consulting services to education, government, health care, and mental health services organizations. Her research and practice topic areas include health disparities, policy, homelessness, domestic violence, adolescent development, organizational change and innovation, education (elementary, secondary and post-secondary), and social programs. She is experienced in conducting basic research, applied research, program evaluation, and facilitating strategic planning. She has taught university courses on homelessness, research methods, human development, and other subjects at various universities. Her current work focuses on building program evaluation capacity within nonprofit organizations.

In addition to her program and research engagement, Dr. Wolfe has been involved in numerous additional volunteer and professional development opportunities. She is currently the chair of the American Evaluation Association’s Community Psychology Topical Interest Group, and has held other leadership positions within various professional associations. She has published articles in peer reviewed and other venues and presented numerous times at local, national, and international conferences. She is co-editor (with Victoria Scott) of a book titled “Foundations for Community Psychology Practice” published by Sage Publications, and co-author (with Ann Price) of a book on Community Consulting to be published by Oxford Press.