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Hello i found this site very interesting and useful for global sanity and sustainability. Please how can i have printed copies of all your your books and other printed materials even if it require paying for it. I bet you you wont believe how much beauty or how tremendous your initiatives change the world. thanks and i love you all.

Unfortunately, the Community Tool Box does not have printed copies or a book. All content exists online as you see it. If you want printed copy, I can only suggest that you print each page and somehow bind them or put them into a notebook. I would actually advise against this for one reason. The content in the Community Tool Box is updated whenever new information comes in, and new information is added as well. One of its best features is that because it is online it includes the most recent and best information possible at all times.
Thank you for your complimentary words and we are pleased that you find this resource so helpful.
The Community Tool Box Advisor

Question Date: Wed, 02/08/2017