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Hi, I am starting an initiative called Taking The Tomboys Off The Streets as it has been observed that alot of tomboys here in Nigeria are either thugs or into illegal activities. Most of them are drop outs and are into drugs. I have started doing the writing but I am working on a proposal for a grant and I seem stalled as I have not got involved in any social campaign before. Please what do I do?

Getting a new initiative off the ground can be somewhat challenging. Typically, the best place to start is with a solid plan with each actionable step laid out for you. That breaks it down and makes it more manageable, while ensuring that you have thought through all of the details.
Undertaking a new community venture typically begins with a thorough analysis of the problem. For that I recommend that you read Chapters 17 through 19, and then look at Toolkits #3 and #7. There is great information about changing the physical and social environment in Chapter 26. You might look at Chapter 42 and Toolkit #14 for assistance with writing the grant. Then Chapter 45 has information on implementing social marketing (if that will be part of your strategy).  Hopefully these resources will help you move forward and finish your proposal.
The Community Tool Box Advisor

Question Date: Tue, 03/14/2017