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Hi; I am creating a web site and have a non-profit 501C3 with a mission of helping senior citizens to a "good" life.

I am Professor Emeritus California State University with limited skills on the internet social marketing to build a senior benefit community. Any ideas of how to start and grow a senior community? My PhD fields are Marketing, Finance and Educational Psychology.

George Morris

Whether building networks online or in the real world, it is useful to create opportunities for participation from the key stakeholders on the project. By understanding and empathizing with the unique needs of your intended users, you'll be able to develop a better product and set up opportunities for ongoing engagement. While it is difficult sometimes to access particular groups, you can often find opportunities by connecting into the settings where people already are (e.g. Tuesday afternoon weekly Bocce group, faith community, etc.). These interactions can be formal or informal and time-limited or on-going (e.g. formation of an advisory group).
The article below presents several strong ideas about how you can create participation:

Question Date: Thu, 04/06/2017