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Hello there
We are a training and development academy in Jordan, and we are planning to organize a training program for a group of officials on how to identify the needs for development, assess, draw a plan, etc.

May you contact me to arrange this together?

Dear  Dr. Alsoud,
              Thank you for writing to us at the Community Tool Box about your training program.  We are very glad to learn about the training you are planning.  It is clear that the Henley Academy has been doing distinctive work in Jordan and the MENA region for many years. So we are confident that your program will be an excellent experience for those officials involved. 
              We are also pleased to respond to your request in several ways.
          *   First, you may wish to review some of the materials about training we have posted on our Community Tool Box web site (,  which give some of our own perspective. Many of these materials can be found through our Table of Contents by accessing our Chapter 12, on Providing Training and Technical Assistance. You will also find separate chapters devoted to Developing a Strategic Plan (Chapter 8), and Assessing Community Needs (Chapter 3).
               You may also be aware that much of the Tool Box has been translated into Arabic, with the help of our partners in Lebanon.  When a section has been translated, you can view it simply by clinking the Arabic indicator on the “Language” tab at the top right of the Tool Box home page.
          *  Second, we have also developed a Training Curriculum, with 16 separate training modules in basic community competencies including Needs, Plans, Leadership, Evaluation, Partnerships, and Sustaining the Work.  Each module contains step-by-step guidelines, training exercises, and PowerPoint summaries.     The training here could be delivered by experienced trainers, or by ourselves.  More details can be found at
          *  Third, we ourselves have provided a variety of training programs, both in the U.S. and globally. These have included webinars, courses, conferences, and train-the-trainers programs, both online and on-site. You can learn more about these at
         *  Finally, we would be glad to respond to specific questions you may have, as well as to explore the possibilities of further collaboration with you.  For example, we could do this in a Skype call with you.  If you would like to pursue this opportunity, please contact Christina Holt, who directs our Community Tool Box services, at
           We hope some of this information will be helpful to you. Thank you again for contacting us. We send all best wishes for continued success in your important work. 

Question Date: Tue, 01/16/2018