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I plaesured to have this chance to access Ask an Advisor on your page! I am a practicing community-based organization leader and volunteer. I have the following questions to you, Team members;
1. what are the job descriptions of a CBO Partnership Manager/Coordinator and Program Manager?
2. How do you initiate an assessment you plan to undertake on a situational/problem ground or area in your community?
3. what best is to be done for publicity purposes to make a CBO known to the community and how do you plan it?
4. What are the relevant points to note when developing a program?
Your answers to my questions above shall help me improve the running of our community owned orgnaization.

              Thank you for writing to us at the Community Tool Box with your questions.  All of them are important ones, but we think you will understand that it would not be possible to provide full answers to them within the space we have available.         
               However, we think with you will find helpful information on most of your questions within the Community Tool Box itself.  Specifically, you will find materials on assessment (your Question #2) in the different sections within Chapter 3 of the Tool Box.  Publicity (your Question #3 ) is discussed in the sections within Chapter 6, and some key points in developing a program  (your Question #4) are covered in Chapters 18 and 19. We encourage you to take a look at these sections, and to be guided by them in as your work progresses.
            We hope these materials will be useful to you, and that they will in fact help you improve the running of your community organization. Thank you again for writing, and all best wishes for continued success in your work.

Question Date: Tue, 01/30/2018