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Would you please send me the pdf version of this tool, so that I can get it printed as the place where I am working have low connectivity issue?

Thank you so much for using the Community Tool Box! We are pleased that you have found these resources helpful to your work. Unfortunately, we do not have hard copies or PDFs of the Community Tool Box to distribute. The Community Tool Box contains more than 7,000 pages of material and is an ongoing work in progress. However, you can print materials from the Tool Box by selecting the “SHARE” feature on the top right-hand corner of any page and then selecting the “Print” icon. You can save as a PDF from your Print options.
Also, PDF copies of our CTB Training Curriculum are available for purchase. You can review the details from each of our 16 curriculum modules available at If you want to order any of these modules, please click on the orange “Order Now” button.
Training Curriculum Flyer
Thank you for your interest in the Community Tool Box, and best wishes in your work!

Question Date: Mon, 02/05/2018