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Do you have any knowledge of a program similar to yours located in Illinois? I am familiar with CEED project, but they are too far from me. I live in Ogle County. I would like to start a program like yours but with a rural area prospective and for low income.
Presently, I am a low income working woman. I have been trying to work with SBDC, economic development offices, rural development, etc for the past four-five years to get started.
Not much movement. I think I don't know the talk to present the idea and make connections to move ahead.

Any sources, connections, or general advice would be appreciated.
I am also looking at Iowa, too

.  Thank you for writing to us with your important question. The Community Tool Box is not an actual program as such, but rather a service we provide to people like yourself, and for people interested in helping their communities around the world. You are certainly free to use our materials for the people you work with without charge. We would not expect you to create a whole new Tool Box by yourself!      
     On the other hand, we realize that the rural and low-income women you work with have distinctive needs, and that you want to help these women in particular. That is excellent. But since we don't live in Ogle County, you know the situation there better than we do. You are right that it can be challenging to work with a local bureaucracy. But we think it may help you to get together with a number of women who feel as you do, to plan some specific goals, and to identify what you need to reach them. If you need help from other organizations, can you find one or more friendly people who have experience working with those organizations, and who can advise you how to approach them?  We hope that may be possible, for we think it will help you.
       We hope too that you will keep your dreams alive, and we wish you every possible success as your work continues.

Question Date: Wed, 02/21/2018