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I searched about multicultural Therapy in the Community tool Box website but I"m still confuse about strategies for client engagement, exercises and techniques in the multicultural perspective.

May you help me wih this issues?

Best wishes,
Beatriz Melo


Hello, and thank you so much for your question to Ask an Advisor. Unfortunately, this question, although an excellent one, is outside the scope of The Community Toolbox. Our emphasis here is on community development, rather than clinical issues. However, we would be happy to provide some general advice to you or others who are looking for more information on incorporating multicultural perspectives.
It is definitely the case that any intervention or prevention efforts, whether implemented on a community, organization, microsystem, or individual scale (as in the case of clinical work or therapy), needs to take cultural factors into account. If you are not familiar with the culture of the group you are working with, you will have to do a bit of additional leg work. Do you know anyone who is working within this culture (or one close to it) that you could ask for assistance? If not, do you have connections with people who have more expertise in culturally-driven frameworks in general (regardless of the cultural field) that you could consult for guidance? Are there organizations in your area that work with multicultural populations who could consult, and perhaps form a collaborative partnership, with?
If you are looking for additional information on working within multicultural contexts, we encourage you to explore resources in The Community Toolbox further. Specifically, Chapter 27: Cultural Competence in a Multicultural World would be of relevance, particularly Section 2 (Building Relationships with People of Different Cultures) and Section 8 (Multicultural Collaboration).
Thank you again for contacting us, and best wishes for your work!

Question Date: Wed, 11/07/2018