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Good Morning, It's funny how you come by something really good on the internet and have no idea where the contact originated. I am grateful to have found Toolbox. The organisation I am involved with as deputy president is Living Values Education, a Swiss registered non profit established for 20 years. We are totally voluntary structure and have LVE representation active in over 40 countries. All LVE materials are offered of charge, like you we rely on donations. We have historically been supported by many organisations including UNESCO.
Please view our website:
Even having been successful in the past still requires us to focus on ongoing upgrading of our services to the community.
I am responsible for resources and seeking external help in better presenting facilitator skills to our international field trainers and new comers to LVE. Toolbox has this beautifully and succinctly laid out. Your presentation dovetails with our own explanation of the qualities and requirements of a facilitator and would provide and substantiate even greater understanding. Specifically, we would like to incorporate the text relative to Facilitation shown on your website, naturally offering recognition to the Toolbox source as required.
In addition, we appear to have much in common, your Toolbox website offers many aspects of community training which our members would benefit from and I feel Living Values Education would benefit from developing a greater relationship/partnership with you.
I trust that this message will well received and look forward to further communications with you, LVE recognises and welcomes 2020 - a new decade for us both and a huge opportunity to lend assistance to a world in crisis.

Kind Regards, Happy New Year Kansas
Raj Miles
Deputy President, Association for Living Values Education International


Thank you for contacting The Community Tool Box and for your complimentary remarks.
The Advisor cannot provide you permission to use Tool Box materials, nor can we form a partnership with you.  We can, however, give you information about who to contact for these things.  Here is the contact information for The Community Tool Box.
We would love to hear from you! Please contact us if you have comments or suggestions or if we may be of assistance:
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Telephone: (785) 864-0533
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We hope this is helpful,
The Community Tool Box Advisor

Question Date: Sat, 12/28/2019