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Teaching with the Community Tool Box

Professors and instructors from various disciplines use the Community Tool Box as a resource for their teaching. The Tool Box is often used as course text in the fields of public health, community psychology, nursing, social welfare, and other applied fields.

Sample Syllabi: Building Healthy Communities/Community Health and Development (Applied Behavioral Studies) and Community Health Interventions (with reading list)

We also offer a Training Curriculum and Community Tool Box Online Training courses for individuals and groups, which have been used for classroom trainings at colleges and universities nationwide.

Are you using the Community Tool Box in your teaching and training? Are you willing to share your course syllabus?

We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to email us at

“CTB proved over and over again that it is a great resource for both teaching and conducting community-based programs. I refer my students to CTB as the first choice for resources relevant to our work.”

   — Ghazi Kayali: Balamand, Lebanon
   — Instructor/researcher at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Balamand; doing research on illiteracy and health awareness

“I am using many of the tools/materials and adapting them for a training for future community development practitioners in Uzbekistan! I have been amazed by the richness of information and the spirit of generosity and sharing embodied by this online resource. Thank you-- your commitment and efforts are a testament to the spirit of working towards positive change!”

   — Polina Makievsky: Baltimore, Maryland
   — Graduate student at the Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy Studies

“I [am an] early user and [hope] that Toolbox [will be] very useful for me. I'm interested [in] using and promoting preventive medicine to my students.”

   — Danuwinata J. Kristinus: Semarang-centr

“I am studying psychology in high school and I am part of a group that is learning and practicing what we know about the Community Tool Box, in different Health Clinics in Mexico City.”

   — Nelly Flores: Mexico City, Mexico
   — High school student and volunteer