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Nicole Freund

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Nicole Freund is a research associate and managing editor for the Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice at the Community Engagement Institute’s Center for Applied Research and Evaluation; she has lived and worked in Wichita, KS for 16 years. Her work in evaluation spans multiple areas of interest including substance use interventions and social service gaps for those with developmental disabilities. Ms. Freund has extensive experience in teaching and presenting, having taught first-year writing courses for Friends University and Newman University in Wichita, research methods and statistics at Wichita State University, and worked for The Coleman Company, Inc. for 11.5 years in marketing research and brand management. As a member of the Society for Community Research and Action (Division 27 of the American Psychological Association), Ms. Freund currently serves on the SCRA Practice Council as Executive Committee Representative and Recruitment Coordinator. She earned an MA in English (2000) from Northern Illinois University and both MBA (2006) and MA in Psychology (2015) from Wichita State University. Her graduate work in the Community Research, Assessment, and Methodology lab at Wichita State includes research on the federal drug re-entry court in the District of Kansas (Kan-Trac) and her dissertation examines the social networks of federal offenders re-entering communities in Kansas. She hopes to complete her doctoral work in 2017.