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Dear all advisers
This website is great.
Lots of rich information here.
But I have some questions and need your suggestion.
1. What are the differences between community capacity and coalition capacity?
2. What are the concept and measurement of community awareness?
Thank you so much for your help.
Best regard

Thanks for your question, Aoy. I'm glad you're finding the Toolbox valuable. I'm not certain how to best answer your second question, but I hope to add some help in relation to your first. 
The difference between community and coalition capacity lies mainly in the scope of focus and type of measures used. Coalition capacity is focused on the activities and interactions of the coalition members in reference to their collective work. It might entail relationship quality, funding, and technical expertise. Community capacity refers to a broader set of capabilities within a defined community that are typically more generalized than the work of a specific coalition and could include the conditions of education, employment, opportunity and resource availability. 

Question Date: Mon, 05/08/2017