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I work at TriHealth in the same department with the CEO. I am the Executive Director for a newly formed nonprofit organization called Health Works here in Cincinnati. We are having the hardest time getting our program off the ground. I told the CEO of TriHealth about our organization and would like to see if we could partner with them some sort of way. He is open to having a meeting with me but I have no idea how to present this idea to him to make him be interested. Our organization is helping to low income people with health and wellness through a series of outreach programs and seminars as well as workshops. We are also starting a new chapter here in Cincinnati for Circles USA which helps people get out of poverty. That part we haven't begun yet. Since TriHealth is nonprofit hospital we are thinking they could benefit with partnering up with us in some way. How should I go about presenting this to the CEO?

Sounds like you have your plate full with your day-job and this new non-profit role.  The world could use more people with your level of dedication!  Thank you! 
As someone who works for a large, non-profit hospital, I can give you some insider advice.  Leveraging your relationship with the CEO is definitely a plus and can help you get in the door, and get your ideas heard.  However, he/she may not be the best person for you to partner with in TriHealth for the long term.  In preparing for your meeting, I’d suggest doing your homework about TriHealth.  What departments/individuals/sites are working on similar issues? What are the community health needs (identified by their most recent Community Health Needs Assessment, or CHNA) has TriHealth committed to addressing?  Where could your organization complement their efforts – with outreach, seminars, or the Circles Program?  Figure this out before hand, that way, you’re asking the CEO for something specific and tangible, e.g. an introduction to so and so to explore collaboration on X, rather than an abstract ask of “partnership.”   Also, remain flexible during the course of the meeting.  As CEO, the person you are meeting with has a broad perspective of the organization, and is likely a strategic thinker, and may be able to suggest another point of connection that you may not have come up with on your own.  
When preparing for the meeting, remember that it’s extremely powerful when organizations, especially new organizations, can share their “story” of why they came to be, and what unmet need they are trying to fill, succinctly – with both qualitative and quantitative data.  It’s an art to getting others to “see” your cause, but those who are successful, are usually the most successful in garnering support as well.  Best of luck with your meeting! Question Date: 

Question Date: Tue, 05/09/2017