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We would like to develop a model for a new program, "Build Healthier" at our non-profit organization, IT'S TIME TEXAS. The program currently consists of providing communities/coalitions statewide with toolkits, resources and training to help them create and sustain School Health Advisory Councils and Mayor's Health and Fitness Councils in their local cities/regions. I have been tasked with finding 3-4 evidence-based models, including case studies we could use to help guide our efforts in working with communities, as their support/intervention organization. I have found several models that are geared more for the communities doing the actual footwork (e.g. collective impact model), but haven't found models that appear to be a good fit for the support and intervention organizations, such as ours, who help the communities develop their initiatives. I would be so appreciative if you could provide me direction. What evidence-based models would you recommend for our Build Healthier (BH) program? Again, BH encompasses both programs below:
Mayor's Health and Fitness Councils
School Health Advisory Councils
I greatly appreciate your advice! Please call/email if you have questions. 520-331-5380
Beatrice Watson

Many thanks for your question and for sharing a bit about your work. It sounds like your approach is in building organizational capacity within communities to do this work.I actually think that corresponds rather well with the collective impact concept of a backbone organization. You are providing the connectedness and shared resources that make shared action happen, even though you are not implementing the action at a local level. 
To be more specific and distinguish the type of work that you're doing from others, you might consider a technical assistance vantage point. In this approach, you're providing expertise in support of local implementation, hopefully building sustainable capacity in those organizations to move forward independently over time.
Best of luck with your project. 

Question Date: Fri, 05/19/2017