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i want to build a college awareness campaign in my country Malawi. most high school students do not know what careers to pursue that fit their interests or set of skills resulting into a normative choice of career paths.

i would require guidance as to how i can structure my campaign .

Hi Everisto,
Thanks for contacting CTB.  Take a look at our Chapter on Building a Social Marketing campaign (under the Table of Contents graphic), but expect that you will need to adapt some of our suggestions to work better in the culture(s) present in Malawi. Also, click on Toolkits under the Table of Contents and you will find a related toolkit.
Consider doing one or more surveys of high school students to learn what information they most want and need when making decisions about college.
You might also ask some of the NGOs at work there for advice on marketing.  You have picked an important issue, and we wish you solid success!

Question Date: Mon, 05/29/2017