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Good day I have been the victim of a Human Rights Violation of Article 8 and 6 with a serious element of Torture..IIED. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress over a long period of 9+ years. I was involved in a family custody dispute with my sons father..whom I never married. He was a revengeful man who made it his mission to hurt me whatever way he could!! It has been a nightmare for me to live through. I was just reading an article that was written here on this side on Internalising Oppression...but having your human rights violated in such a severe way by having your child removed from your care without any reasonable cause other than his fathers false allegation...and having him win that fight in court was heart wrenching for me. I watched my son struggling to adjust to this situation so much so he ended up in a mental institution at 10 years old threatening to kill himself! and the judges still wouldn't listen to his cries or mines! It was heinous and outrages the hell we were going through...I have watched my son being broken and my heart has been broken into a gazillion pieces but the worst part is that there has been no justice served in this situation at all.. we have all been so traumatised and he was also blocked many times from being able to talk to me..even though I had joint custody !! My GOD I CANT EVEN BELIEVE THAT SUCH COULD HAPPEN EVEN THOUGH I HAD A PSYCHOLOGICAL REPORT TO PROVE HOW SERIOUS I WAS TO SHOW THE COURT THAT THEY ARE MISTAKEN...AND WHAT IS MORE CONFUSING IS THEY LEFT MY DAUGHTER IN MY CARE (as she was not from same father) and I have raised her all the way to her graduating with her Bachelors Degree with honours...and I barely know my son at all because of all the years of separation and brainwashing they have done not to mention the trauma and damage to him and my family on the whole...what can I do to bring justice and to heal my family and most of all my son! PLEASE I BEG YOU TO HELP US. - IF YOU CAN PLEASE...I FEEL LIKE I NEED TO BRING THIS TO SUPREME COURT AND HOPEFULLY BEFORE THE HUMAN RIGHTS COURTS TO FINALLY BRING JUSTICE AND AN END TO THIS NIGHTMARE AND HORRIFIC PAIN I AM LIVING IN...IM TIRED OF CARRYING THIS BURDEN AND THIS CURSE THEY HAVE PLACED OVER MY LIFE AND MY INNOCENT PRECIOUS SONS LIFE...I IMPLORE ANYONE TO PLEASE HELP ME TO GAIN JUSTICE SO WE CAN LIVE AS A HAPPY FAMILY THAT WE ONCE WERE!

Hello Juanda,
Thanks for contacting CTB for advice on how to resolve the tragic situation you describe.  However, we are not able to help.  We can only encourage you to seek further justice through the courts, and to seek emotional support for yourself through connecting with a counselor and/or support group of your choice.
Best wishes for a happier future!

Question Date: Sun, 06/18/2017