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Question: how to create a watchdog group over a state liciense process

Hi Mikkal, and thanks for contacting CTB.
We have several sections, which I have check-marked below.  The core of it all is to find others who share your concern, clarify what you all want to accomplish together, train participants in skills they will need to advocate for change, and continue to recruit additional participants.  The fact that your focus is upon a state licensing activity you communicate your concerns to both the state licensing body the fact that your focus is upon a state license process also suggests that your advocacy group discuss its concerns with the licensing authority and with relevant state legislators.  Advice from a knowledgeable attorney probably should be part of your planning proess.
Hope this helps.  Please do review the sections I have checked by looking them up in our Table of Contents, and take a look at related Tool Kits.

Question Date: Sat, 07/29/2017