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I was wondering if there was a way to print chapters? I have trouble reading articles on the computer.


Hello Christa, 
Thank you for contacting us, 
You can check the Community Tool Box 'Use Policy', at  There is also a link to it on the Tool Box home page. 
          Basically, what the Use Policy says is that printing depends on the purpose for which the materials will be used. Specifically:  
              * Someone can freely print anything in the Tool Box without limit if it is for their personal use, or for non-commercial use within a nonprofit group. (can copy/paste it or use the browser printing option)
              * In other cases (for example, for use in courses, paid workshops, or re-publication), someone who wants to use materials should contact the Tool Box directly asking for permission.  
           In any case, the Tool Box asks for appropriate crediting when its materials are used. Details on how to do this are in the Use Policy itself. 
Good luck!

Question Date: Sun, 09/10/2017