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Good morning, I am Steven Jeggels, coach and chairperson of the Jeffreys Bay Surf Club in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa.

I was searching Google for Youth Leadership Course/Content and ended up at your website. Appreciate all the available content and advice on your site.

This got me thinking - what if I approach the Community Tool Box and request some guidance and input into our Learn to Surf programme we are implementing for less privilege youth (6 - 20 years) from my community in Pellsrus (about 30 000 residents) in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa.

We have been teaching kids how to surf for the last 15 years and had many success with many being selected to our national and provincial teams annually. However, we want to do more than teaching surfing and have researched many options to develop a leadership course for the boys and girls. Resources are limited in the region where we reside about this.

Can we perhaps knock on your door for guidance about this and maybe assist us with developing such a course for our youth from Pellsrus in Jeffreys Bay?

We are looking at an overall course that includes teachings about a life skills mentorship programme, supplementary literacy programme to improve English dialect and to spark an interest in reading.

Some time ago someone told us about The Five Pillars of a Stable Human Foundation programme that we must implement with our learn to Surf programme to improve behaviour, attitude and human value among our youth. I cannot find such a programme. Would be great if we can have such a programme!!

Anyway, please if you can respond to this request it will be much appreciated.

Steven Jeggels (Chairperson & Coach)
Jeffreys Bay Surf Club
Jeffreys Bay
Eastern Province
South Africa

Hello, Steven –
        Thank you for writing us at the Community Tool Box. The challenge you describe is an important one, and of course we wish you the best in developing a program that will fit the needs of your youth.
       Unfortunately, we are not in a position to provide detailed consultation on the development of your program.  We would actually enjoy having a go at it, but we simply have limited resource capability of our own.          
        In a brief search, we did uncover a few general sources that might be of interest to you; these are noted below.
              Beyond that, what we can recommend at this point, though, is to keep looking online for program models you can borrow from or adapt.  Even though it sounds like you have done some searching already,  we think continuing that effort is likely to be worth your time, for creating a leadership curriculum from scratch is not the easiest of jobs. Somewhere out there there’s likely to be a model program you can borrow from or adapt, even though we are not yet specifically aware of one.
               We hope this much may be helpful to you.  Thanks again for writing to us, and we wish you every possible success.

Question Date: Thu, 09/28/2017