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I hope this message finds you well. I am a director of a research org at Tufts and we do quite a bit of collaborative research. We have the rare opportunity to take on two nonproject specific RPPs in the coming months and have just completed initial retreat with each partner. My next step is to draft a vision agreement with each group largely capturing the mission, values, main activities and metrics to gauge impact. This is separate from any financial agreements that we'll draw with them. This document will also be important for us to have, to win internal buy-in in our networks/supervisors/funders, and to communicate what we are doing to our external audiences. I am writing to request help, specifically to see if you know of a really wonderful infographic template that i can use for this. I am looking for a one-page template that can then be used everywhere. I would ideally like this for free, but would consider a reasonable fee design professional who could do this, too. Thanks!

Hello! Thank you for submitting your question!
This sounds like a great project and you have a good plan for making sure everyone stays on the same page as you move forward. One thought is to use a modified theory of change or logic model to graphically represent vision, mission, values and other aspects of your shared efforts. What you’re describing might fit into a theory of change model in that you appear to be trying to illustrate how you believe you’ll achieve your goals – and not just on a programmatic level as would be the case with a traditional logic model.
Check out the section on theory of change/logic models on the Community Tool Box at
Or, another good resource is the University of Wisconsin – Extension Program Development and Evaluation’s webpage on logic models. It includes several templates that may be helpful. Here’s the link:
I’m not sure that creating a theory of change or logic model is exactly what you had in mind. But it seems like it might be a starting point for something you could modify to fit your needs.
Best wishes in your efforts! 

Question Date: Fri, 10/06/2017