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How to let people know that medicare is dropping arthritic knee injections per input from surgeons. This was included in Part B because it is injected by doctor in an office location. Surgeons state it is "not medically necessary." However, many of us find it very necessary and don't want, or can't consider, the surgery alternative. The plans are not being transparent and won't even discuss with doctor providers "until the patient has enrolled in the policy."

Please help get the word out so people can ask the plans for a straightforward answer.

Hello – Thank you for contacting us with your question.
Helping people become informed about their medical care options is a truly important issue. While those of us who assist with “Ask An Advisor” can’t engage in direct advocacy through this forum, we do want to support your efforts to create an informed public. I can direct you to some resources that might help you in your own efforts to get the word out and advocate for patients’ rights to adequate information.
Check out the information and toolkits regarding communication and advocacy I’ve listed below. You can access them through the Community Tool Box table of contents at:
Specifically, you might find the following chapters and toolkits helpful:

  • Chapters 6-7 on Communications to Promote Interest and Participation
  • Chapters 30-35 regarding Organizing for Effective Advocacy
  • Toolkit 10 on Advocating for Change
  • Toolkit 13 on Implementing Social Marketing

You may find some of the other chapters and toolkits helpful as well.
Best wishes in your efforts on this important issue!

Question Date: Sat, 10/21/2017