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Hello. I am a bilingual speech-language pathologist who's daughter is attending a new trailing acharter school. Her school is lacking parent involvement and I have volunteered to develop a parent informational group. I have a observed a lack of parent support regarding education on their misconceptions about multilingual acquisition and the expectations there of. I have received approval from the principal to submit an action plan. I am writing to you to inquire about consultation services as I complete the steps suggested on your website. Would this be a viable option? Thank you in advance.

Hi Karen,
Thanks for reaching out to Ask An Advisor. It sounds like you've decided to take on a really important task. It is encouraging to hear that the principal is open to receiving and reviewing an action plan. That in of itself is an exciting achievement. I always encourage folks to celebrate all successes--big or small--as this work takes much time and dedication. Unfortunately, we don't offer individual ongoing consultation services through the Community Tool Box. However, as you work through different tasks and steps provided here, you can always come back to Ask an Advisor with your questions. We won't be able to speak to your specific community and circumstance, but can discuss how we or others might approach a particular task, how we or others may try to overcome a specific obstacle once it presents itself, etc. In addition, you may want to check out Chapter 12, Section 8 which talks more about the role of consultants, and how you might go about choosing one.
We wish you the best in your work! And will be here when other questions come up.

Question Date: Tue, 10/02/2018