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I have used your Tool Box and would like to send you my Logic Model for review. Is there a mentor or someone that would be willing to review and provide feedback to me? I want to have the greatest impact on transforming math education for young children. Please let me know where to email my LM.
Thank you,
Barbara Pearl

Hi Barbara,
Thanks for your question. We're thrilled to learn that the Tool Box has been helpful to you in developing a logic model! Unfortunately, though, we don't offer individual consultation services through the Community Tool Box so cannot offer someone to review your logic model. Depending on where you are in your program development process, and where you are hoping to go, you might consider exploring a consultant. Chapter 12, Section 8 talks more about the role of consultants, and how you might go about choosing one. You may also consider sharing the logic model with those (who will be) most closely involved with the program to get their feedback. Logic model development is an iterative process. Even once a logic model is 'finalized,' it should be revisited to ensure it aligns with program inputs, activities, outputs, and intended impacts, and to assist in evaluation efforts.
We wish you the best in working to transform math ed for young folks!

Question Date: Mon, 10/29/2018