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I am looking to design a program specifically for homeless families in Atlanta. I am very interested in the Housing First initiative. I want to use this approach as my first point of help for these individuals then follow up with a plan to improve other areas of their lives like education, job skills, health etc. I wonder if you can point me in the right direction to initiate contacts that offer assistance with making Housing FIrst a part of our program. Any advice on how we can go about developing a program with that in mind will be appreciated. thanks

My name is Roxshawn Shilt. My email is

              Thank you for writing to us at the Community Tool Box with your question. We appreciate both the importance of your work as well as its specialized nature.    
              In general, a good principle in developing a new program is that it’s almost always wise to make contact with those who have specific experience in your desired area of program operation.  So in your case, as an early step it makes sense to contact key Housing First personnel.  In this case, they will clearly have more specialized knowledge and expertise that than we do ourselves.       
              It may take some investigation and digging around, and possibly a false start or two, before you locate the right person, and that is natural.  But you may also know someone who knows, or who has a good connection, and that can certainly make things easier.  When you find that person or persons, you can ask your specific questions, benefit from their responses, and perhaps begin to develop a fruitful bi-lateral relationship.
           We hope some of these suggestions may be helpful to you.  Thanks again for writing, and all very best wishes for success in your work.

Question Date: Thu, 01/17/2019